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Live Music Come To Ronnie’s After Visiting Warwick Attractions
Warwick Attractions

Come To Ronnie’s After Visiting Warwick Attractions

The historic town of Warwick is popular with visitors from overseas and those who live in the UK too. Warwick Castle is undoubtedly the most visited of Warwick attractions, with walks through the timber-clad buildings of The Old Town also proving popular. Once you’ve got your fill of medieval history, we’d love to welcome you to Ronnie’s because…

Ronnie’s Is One Of The Warwick Attractions!

A modern, lively bar with eclectic and bohemian décor, Ronnie’s is truly one of a kind. Whether you’re visiting from another country or you live nearer to us, if you are looking for live entertainment, it’s good to know that live music is at our heart. We feature the very best live acts that Warwick has to offer, which makes Ronnie’s one of the Warwick attractions that visitors love in its own right.
Though you might not immediately think of Warwick as the centre of the music universe, the local acts we feature punch well above their weight, many of them have appeared on shows such as The X-Factor or have had some recent airtime on the BBC’s radio stations. You’ll be sure to experience stars performing here on one of our many stages. To see all future live music events, you can visit our events page.


Aside from presenting the best in live music, our other forté is cocktails! We have a selection of thirty cocktails for thirsty visitors, ranging from traditional to creative options. Our expert mixologists have created a menu of classic cocktails such as Margaritas, Cosmopolitans, Negronis and Moscow Mules if you’re after something more familiar.

If you’re an international visitor to our famous Warwick attractions, then you can sample the Marmalade Soda, which features a very British conserve in a locally made vodka. Chase Marmalade Vodka is an orange-flavoured vodka with a zesty marmalade and when combined with lime, orange juice, soda and mint, it results in a memorable souvenir for your taste buds.

Travelling To Ronnie’s? Why Not Stay Over?

As Warwick can be easily reached by train, Ronnie’s is one of many Warwick attractions that’s accessible from nearby cities such as Coventry, Stratford and Birmingham. As we’re open until late, you can make a real night of it and stay over. If that’s something you’re interested in, we have a deal with our friends at The Old Fourpenny Shop Hotel. Situated just minutes from the heart of Warwick and near Warwick attractions like Warwick Races, Warwick Castle and Saint Mary’s Church, this small independent hotel is an ideal base for a weekend away. Mention us when you’re booking and you can get a 10% discount on your stay!

Get In Touch

Now that you’ve read about our live music and cocktails, are you ready to see us at Ronnie’s after you visit a few other Warwick attractions? Pay us a visit at 4-6 Jury Street, Warwick, CV34 4EW. If you’ve got any questions you can ring us on 07566 792588.

To get a real feel of what we’re about before you arrive, take a visit to our website, to check out our weekly live music and special drinks deals. For upcoming events and all Ronnie’s-based news, keep up with us on our Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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Ronnie’s of Warwick
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